PLO: Perkins Liberation Organization?

Posted: 2/16/2005 1:16:00 PM
Author: Nathan Carleton

It's bad enough that we cannot trust all our professors to be objective. Now we cannot even trust our librarians.

Case in point: Last month two members of the Duke Conservative Union noticed that the University Libraries Website-- a new link labeled "Palestine Internet Resources." They clicked on it and were immediately greeted with a curious image: a map of Israel labeled "Palestine." A quick perusal of the website revealed the rest of its content to be equally biased and even anti-Semitic.

  1. A section labeled "News" included links to 14 sources. 13 of them were left-leaning (all but the Jerusalem Post), including six Arabic and two French.
  2. Hamas, which the State Department (and now the European Union) calls a "terrorist organization," was listed under the title "Government Agencies & Political Groups."
  3. The "History, Arts & Culture" portion of the website included a link called "Baha Boukhari Cartoon." One of this Arab site's main graphics was a Star of David fashioned out of barbed wire.

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