Twelfth Response Directed to Librarians and Archivists to Palestine

Posted: 8/4/2013 5:46:00 PM
Author: LfF Research Committee

We have noticed that your member and photographer, anarchist/archivist Josh MacPhee, has taken several photos of a mural depicting PFLP-Black September terrorist and murdereress, Leilah Khaled. Posed hugging her AK-47 Russian-made assault rifle and wearing a keffiyah, the pictures, which you posted on Flickr, were designed to make Khaled look heroic and gallant. She is neither. On August 29, 1969 she hijacked TWA Flight 840, frome Rome to Athens, and diverted it to Syria, On Sepember 6, 1970, she and an accomplice, Patrick Arguello, attempted to hijack El Al Flight 219, from Amsterdam to New York City. Israeli security personnel that were aboard killed Arguello, but only after he succeeded in murdering an unarmed member of the flight crew. They also captured and disarmed Khaled (who was clutching two hand grenades). The plane landed at London's Heathrow Airport and Khaled was arrested. However, the British released her less than a month later, in exchange for a number of civilians who were being held captive by the Black September terrorists. Khaled, who is still free, spews out her anti-Semitic venom, primarily at universities in Europe. And she still calls for the total annhilation of Israel. Our questions to you are simple: Do you support the hijacking of civilian airliners? Do you support murder? And again, do you support genocide...the complete destruction of Israel and her people?