Palestinian Rocket Hits (Yet Another) Israeli School

Posted: 7/28/2006 10:24:00 AM
Author: Correspondents in Jerusalem

Note from Librarians for Fairness to the American Library Association: Where is your protest? The school had a library! This particular one...a high school, was in Ashkelon. Another Israeli school, in Sderot, was hit by a Palestinian rocket on Sunday, May 21, 2006 (below, LfF has archived an article about that attack too). True to its pattern of anti-Israel bias, the ALA said NOTHING about that atrocity either. Above, we have taken the liberty of adding the words "Yet Another" to distinguish this particular report from the earlier one, which was published with the same title.
These two, are by no means the only Israeli schools (which invariably have libraries) that have been targeted by Palestinian terrorists. For example on June 28, 2004, CNN (nobody could every accuse CNN of pro-Israeli bias, by the way) had the following report of a tragedy that took place that same day:

"...In addition, Israeli troops and armor moved into the outskirts of Beit Hanoun in an attempt to prevent further Palestinian rocket attacks like the one that killed an Israeli toddler and a middle-aged man earlier Monday, the IDF spokesman said.

On its Web site, the newspaper Haaretz identified the victims as Afik Zahavi, 4, and Mordechai Yosepov, 49.

The two were killed when a Palestinian-made Qassam rocket landed near a kindergarten in the Israeli town of Sderot.

The child's mother was seriously wounded, as were several others in the attack, which represented the first time the crude, unguided Qassam rockets have resulted in fatalities, police said.

Israeli Emergency Services officials said the rockets were fired from Gaza. The radical Islamic group Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack in a leaflet delivered to CNN.

Hamas is a Palestinian Islamic fundamentalist organization whose military wing has admitted responsibility for terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians..." AND THE ALA...TRUE TO FORM, WAS SILENT!!!

And on July 21, 2006 a katyusha rocket fired by the Hezbollah terrorists damaged a Russian language bookstore, in Haifa. The shop's windows were blown out and blood stained the floor. Six people in or near the bookstore were wounded, while twenty-two others were treated for shock. But the bookstore's customers and employees are Israelis, so that makes them less than human to the bigoted ALA.

Palestinian Rocket Hits Israeli School
by Correspondents in Jerusalem

A PALESTINIAN rocket fired from the Gaza Strip struck an Israeli school south of Tel Aviv Tuesday but caused no casualties, the army said.

The Qassam rocket "landed on a school in the centre of Ashkelon," an army spokeswoman said.
"At that hour of the day there were no children inside the school and no one was wounded, though the damage is significant," she said.

Until now, no Qassam rockets had landed in central Ashkelon, the army said. The homemade devices are notoriously inaccurate and have a maximum range of around 12 kilometres (seven miles).

Previously fired rockets have tended to land in an industrial sector south of the town centre.