Ending of The Anatomy of a Scourge

Posted: 12/27/2014 7:05:00 PM
Author: Isaac Yetiv
Source: The Anatomy of a Scourge was first published in American Thinker on Dec. 26, 2014.

Ending of Anatomy of a Scourge
by Isaac Yetev

Israel is not perfect but it should be judged with the same yardstick as all other nations, especially when it is besieged with enemies sworn to its destruction, and not singled out for its peccadilloes, all done sub signo martis (under the sign of war) and in self-defense when its neighbors commit every day atrocious crimes with impunity.

Even when under attack, with thousands of rockets raining on its civilians, Israel continued to supply its ferocious enemies with fuel, food, and medicines. Its hospitals continue to care for its enemies (including the daughter and mother-in-law of Ismail Haniyeh the dictator of Hamas who started the war.) Ichilov Hospital alone provided medical care to 1000 Palestinians in the year 2013. At one time, one quarter of the Safed hospital patients were Syrians, the victims of the internecine war fomented by their leaders.

As for the status of the Arab minority in Israel which, according to the anti-Semites, both the malicious enemies and the dupes of propaganda, are oppressed and discriminated against as second-class citizens, the projected counter-propaganda project will show that the Arabs in Israel are the only Arabs in the Middle East who vote and are elected, and serve in the Knesset where they enjoy unrestricted freedom of speech. They are doctors, lawyers, judges, and civil servants in the ministries and in the diplomatic corps.

Israeli Arabs are the best educated in the Middle East, and their standards of living are five to ten times that of their brethren in the neighboring countries. No wonder than when offered to be “repatriated” to a future “Palestinian state,” not even 2% agreed. Recently, an Israeli colonel, member of the Druze community, wrote: “The Israeli Arabs make 20% of the population and receive 5O% of the Bituah Leumi (National Insurance.) They don’t pay taxes, national and local. They live in villas (!?). They build illegal buildings which the government is reluctant to force them to demolish (as it does with Jewish builders.) They vote and elect and enjoy full civil rights. They demonstrate against the State and even threw Molotov cocktails. Many of them identify with the enemies of Israel, Hamas, Hizb’allah, and Iran.”

Is that the profile of an “apartheid state” as the shameless demonizers of Israel and promoters of radical anti-Semitism would have you believe?

Note from Librarians for Fairness: The wife of Mahmoud Abbas was also recently treated in an Israeli hospital. Abbas knew where she would get excellent care! The Chief of Emergency Medicine at Hadassah Hospital, in Jerusalem, is an Arab. And ironically, Omar Barghouti, the anti-Israel/anti-Semitic founder of BDS, holds a graduate dergree from Tel Aviv University!