US Congressmen to investigate UNRWA schools for inciting terrorism

Posted: 6/28/2016 3:19:00 PM
Author: Ariel Ben Solomon
Source: This article first appeared on the Israel's Voice website on June 26, 2016.

US Congressmen to investigate UNRWA schools for inciting terrorism
by Ariel Ben Solomon

New video shows youth purportedly attending UNRWA schools voicing support for terrorism against Jews.

Members of the US House of Representatives are investigating incitement to terrorism in the UN Relief and Works Agency schools, Rep. Doug Lamborn (CO) told The Jerusalem Post on Monday.

“Congress has been asking questions about UNRWA for years, and it is important that we continue to do so until we are sure that the curriculum used and the teaching the children receive does not poison their minds,” Lamborn said.

“Textbooks and other materials that delegitimize Israel, denigrate the Jewish people, promote the ‘right of return’ through violent struggle, and glorify martyrdom must be banned.”

David Bedein, director of the Jerusalem- based Center for Near East Policy Research – which has provided material to Congress about UNRWA incitement – said, “Congress is going to begin an official investigation of UNRWA using some of our material to look at creating new standards for the organization.

While they cannot defund or get rid of UNRWA, which is ensconced in the UN,” they can advocate changes be made said Bedein, who also heads the center’s affiliated Israel Resource News Agency established in 1987.

Bedein sees getting rid of the agency as unrealistic and so is pushing for reform, particularly with its education system which promotes “war with Israel.”
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