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Librarians for Fairness is an organization dedicated to bringing information about Israel to libraries around the world and to promoting democratic values. We work to ensure that Israel is represented fairly in libraries through books, periodicals, audiovisuals, and online resources.

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The Case for Democracy: The Power to Overcome Tyranny & Terror

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Now offering Israel 4 Kids CD

American Children can now take a virtual tour of Israel with Srulik, a popular sandal-footed Israeli cartoon character. This fun and interactive tour will make Israel come alive as students experience the story of Israel that rarely gets told. Children and educators alike can learn about Israel’s cool Internet technologies (i.e. AOL instant messaging), watermelon picking robots, live-saving cancer drugs, and other joint U.S.-Israeli projects and become better informed about Israel’s unique history, national languages, climate, food, branches of government, and currency.

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Israel in the World

This colorful volume takes an in-depth look at a remarkable achievement: how one small and very young country has successfully become one of the world's technological leaders.

From agriculture to medicine, Israel stands right at the forefront of technological development. Learn about the country's many achievements and breakthoughs, and how it's poised to remain on the industrial cutting edge in the foreseeable future. The countless accomplishments outlined here would be dazzling, even if they hadn't emerged from a nation that didn't even exist 60 years ago: Israel created the ICQ chat facility that is now used by hundreds of millions of internet surfers each day; the technology that allows you to leave voicemail messages on a mobile phone; the medical diagnostic equipment (including magnetic resonance imaging) found in most hospitals; and the surveillance equipment that alerts security officials to suspicious activities at airports. Find out about the people who made such progress possible; the educational system that allowed these citizens, many of them recent immigrants, to reach their full potential; and how Israel uses its knowledge for the well-being of the world.

If you would like to catalog and add Israel in the World to your library’s collection, please send us an e-mail with your name, the library’s shipping information, and phone. Please accept the CD as a DONATION as long as our supply lasts.

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My Father Was A Poster Boy... 8/23/2016

My Father Was A Poster Boy
by Vivienne Grace Ziner

Vivienne Grace Ziner is a vociferous and outspoken activist, advocate, writer and speaker for international human rights, the global advancement

My father, John Ziner z’l” (Czinner Janos in Hungarian), was born in the twilight years of The Austro-Hungarian Empire.

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Born in 1910, to a wealthy and established Jewish Hungarian family in Budapest, he was the quintessential “Poster Boy” for emancipated European Jewry.

Wealthy, handsome, worldly and debonair, popular and well established, he epitomized the privilege that Napoleon’s emancipation of European Jews had created for them.

By the mid 1850’s, progressive European countries were opening their ghettos and removing their anti-Jewish restrictive laws, thereby allowing their Jews to become educated, to become lawyers and doctors, merchants and business people... Read the full story...

On Campus: The altruistic evil of 'social justice' for the Palestinians 8/17/2016

On campus: The altruistic evil of 'social justice' for Palestinians

Well-meaning but misguided activists shield their bigotry with moral fraud.
by Dr. Richard L. Cravatts

As yet another indication that the university campus has become “an island of repression in a sea of freedom,” last March a pro-Israel group, Hasbara Fellowships Canada, was barred from participating in a “Social Justice Week” event organized by the Student Association of Durham College and University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT)... Read the full story...

UK; A Tale of Two Inquiries 8/5/2016

UK: A Tale of Two Inquiries
by Douglas Murray

Now someone has "leaked" the full Royall report, which shows that students at the Oxford University Labour club who were Jewish were subjected to frequent anti-Semitism. And this makes clear that the Labour party clearly attempted to cover-up the negative findings of an inquiry that they themselves had commissioned.

In an interview aired July 20, Shami Chakrabarti was specifically asked about whether she had been offered a seat in the House of Lords (peerage) before writing her report... Read the full story...


NOTE FROM LIBRARIANS FOR FAIRNESS In view of the fact that the American Library Association is planning to have yet another Israel-bashing session at its June Convention, we feel it's important to repost, withadditional data, a report we did in the past:


1. March 7, 2002- A Palestinian terrorist used grenades and an assault rifle to murder five Israeli high school students who were in a yeshivah's study hall-library in the community of Azmona.

2... Read the full story...

Campus Watchdog: Jewish Students Single Largest Target of Systematic... 7/27/2016

Campus Watchdog: Jewish Students Single Largest Target of Systematic Suppression of Civil Rights at American Universities (INTERVIEW)
by Lea Speyer

Jewish college students are the largest university population “coming under systematic attack,” with an increasing number seeing their civil rights infringed upon, the head of a campus watchdog group told The Algemeiner on Tuesday.

Tammi Rossman-Benjamin, co-founder of the AMCHA Initiative — which combats, monitors and documents antisemitism at institutions of higher education in America — made the comment following the release of a shocking new report revealing the dramatic rise of antisemitic activity across more than 100 US college campuses between January and June 2016.

According to the report, anti-Israel and anti-Zionist groups on campus “have become significantly more brazen in both their strategy and tactics,” which has contributed greatly to an increase in antisemitic activity.

Dramatic findings of the report include: antisemitic incidents on college campuses increased by 45 percent as compared with the same time period in 2015; the suppression of Jewish students’ freedom of speech and assembly doubled, while calls for Israel’s elimination tripled... Read the full story...

Anti-Israel college policy leads to anti-Semitism, study shows 7/26/2016

Anti-Israel college policy leads to anti-Semitism, study shows

A report released today by the AMCHA Initiative shows an alarming correlation between anti-Israel policy at US colleges and anti-Semitism.
Tal Polon

A new report put out by the campus monitoring group AMCHA Initiative has just released a new study which finds a correlation between university-mandated anti-Israel policy and the number of anti-Semitic incidents perpetrated against Jews on US college campuses.

The study concluded that anti-Semitic incidents were twice as likely to occur on campuses where BDS was part of university policy, eight times as likely to occur on campuses with at least one anti-Zionist student group on campus, and six times as likely to occur on campuses with at least one faculty member who publicly supported boycotting Israel.

In addition, the study noted that mere policy discussion of BDS was correlated with antisemitic incidents against Jewish students... Read the full story...

UK's National Student Union President Strikes Down Policy... 7/19/2016

UK’s National Student Union President Strikes Down Policy Allowing Jews to Appoint Representative to Anti-Racism Committee
by Lea Speyer

The controversial president of the UK’s National Union of Students (NUS) has found herself once again embroiled in controversy, after voting against a traditional practice regarding Jewish representation on a prominent committee.

NUS President Malia Bouattia — who has previously been accused of antisemitism — aroused ire when she broke a tie and voted against allowing Jewish students to appoint their own representative to the Anti-Racism, Anti-Fascism (ARAF) committee during a meeting of the NUS National Executive Committee (NEC) on Tuesday... Read the full story...

Danon: European applause killed Hallel-Yaffa 7/4/2016

Danon: European applause killed Hallel-Yaffa

In an op-ed Danny Danon blames the European Parliament for encouraging Palestinian terrorism.
by Arutz Sheva Staff

In an op-ed published in Israel Hayom, Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon said international tolerance for Palestinian incitement against Israel was partially to blame for the recent spate of killings by Arab terrorists.

Danon drew a clear line between the horrific murder of Hallel-Yaffa Ariel last week and the speech of Mahmoud to the European Parliament a week earlier.

In that speech, Abbas revived an old blood libel and claimed that some rabbis had called on the government of Israel to poison Palestinian water supplies... Read the full story...