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Librarians for Fairness is an organization dedicated to bringing information about Israel to libraries around the world and to promoting democratic values. We work to ensure that Israel is represented fairly in libraries through books, periodicals, audiovisuals, and online resources.

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The Case for Democracy: The Power to Overcome Tyranny & Terror

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American Children can now take a virtual tour of Israel with Srulik, a popular sandal-footed Israeli cartoon character. This fun and interactive tour will make Israel come alive as students experience the story of Israel that rarely gets told. Children and educators alike can learn about Israel’s cool Internet technologies (i.e. AOL instant messaging), watermelon picking robots, live-saving cancer drugs, and other joint U.S.-Israeli projects and become better informed about Israel’s unique history, national languages, climate, food, branches of government, and currency.

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Israel in the World

This colorful volume takes an in-depth look at a remarkable achievement: how one small and very young country has successfully become one of the world's technological leaders.

From agriculture to medicine, Israel stands right at the forefront of technological development. Learn about the country's many achievements and breakthoughs, and how it's poised to remain on the industrial cutting edge in the foreseeable future. The countless accomplishments outlined here would be dazzling, even if they hadn't emerged from a nation that didn't even exist 60 years ago: Israel created the ICQ chat facility that is now used by hundreds of millions of internet surfers each day; the technology that allows you to leave voicemail messages on a mobile phone; the medical diagnostic equipment (including magnetic resonance imaging) found in most hospitals; and the surveillance equipment that alerts security officials to suspicious activities at airports. Find out about the people who made such progress possible; the educational system that allowed these citizens, many of them recent immigrants, to reach their full potential; and how Israel uses its knowledge for the well-being of the world.

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by The Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights

We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned about the misuse of federal funds under Title VI of the Higher Education Act (“HEA”). Despite congressional reforms adopted during the 2008 reauthorization of the HEA, many recipients of federal aid under Title VI continue to use taxpayer funds to support biased, politicized, and imbalanced programs of Middle East Studies... Read the full story...

Oldest known prayer book en route tyo Israel 9/14/2014

Oldest known prayer book en route to Israel

The 1,200-year-old siddur written in archaic Hebrew with Babylonian vowels will be on display for one month at a Jerusalem museum.
by Akiva Novick

Ahead of High Holy Days (the period from Rosh Hashanah until Yom Kippur), the oldest Jewish prayer book ever found will be on display for public viewing at the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem.

The 1,200-year-old prayer book is the oldest in existence today, dated from the ninth century... Read the full story...

Senior British MP: BDS Just Like Nazi Boycotts Against Jews 9/10/2014

NOTE FROM LIBRARIANS FOR FAIRNESS: The founder of BDS is none other than the hypocritical anti-Semite, Omar Barghouti. He holds graduate degree (possibly received via Israel's affirmative action programs, which favor Arabs over Jews for judicial appointments and university seats) from Tel Aviv University.

Senior British MP: BDS Just Like Nazi Boycotts Against Jews

Conservative Party Chief Whip Michael Gove decries rampant anti-Semitism, says UK and Israel fighting a common cause against jihadis.
by Ari Soffer

A senior British MP condemned the boycott movement against Israel Tuesday, branding it as a manifestation of pure anti-Semitism and comparing it to Nazi boycotts against Jews.

Speaking at the Holocaust Education Trust, Former Education Secretary and current Conservative Party Chief Whip Michael Gove warned of what he termed as the "resurgent, mutating, lethal virus of anti-Semitism."

Gove also said that attempts by anti-Israel activists to equate Israel with Nazi Germany were a form of holocaust denial, noting the presence of banners and placards at anti-Israel rallies such as "Stop Doing What Hitler Did To You" or "Gaza is a Concentration Camp", according to the Guardian.

Ironically, some of those signs often appeared at the same demonstrations as more openly anti-Semitic banners and slogans such as "Hitler Was Right", which were seen at pro-Palestinian marches throughout Europe.

Gove labeled attempts to equate Israel's actions to those of the Nazis as a "deliberate attempt to devalue the unique significance of the Holocaust, and so remove the stigma from anti-Semitism," and said that they paved the way to more violent anti-Semitic acts.

"And even as this relativization, trivialization and perversion of the Holocaust goes on so prejudice towards the Jewish people grows," Gove stated.

He went on to list a number of high-profile incidents in which anti-Israel activity spilled over into anti-Semitism, including the decision by a London theater to ban the UK Jewish Film Festival - a move which was condemned by community leaders as anti-Semitic... Read the full story...

Israeli Doctors Treat Syrian Boy 9/8/2014

Israeli Doctors Treat Syrian boy

Doctors at the country’s northern hospitals are used to middle-of-the-night calls to come and treat wounded Syrians brought across the border for Israeli medical aid. The 12-year-old Syrian boy who arrived in serious condition over the weekend to the IDF border post was the first to make the trek by donkey from Damascus. The boy told doctors that he sustained serious injuries – to his arms, one of his legs, and loss of vision in his eyes – when a mortar shell exploded near his home in the outskirts of Syria’s capital city... Read the full story...

Israeli girl scores victory over BDS movement 9/6/2014

Israeli girl scores victory over BDS movement

Fourteen-year-old Shelly Dvir from rocket-battered city of Ashkelon convinces Irish metal band to defy calls to cancel its Tel Aviv concert.
by Itamar Eichner

While her hometown of Ashkelon was being bombarded with rockets from the Gaza Strip this past July, a young Israeli girl scored a victory over the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which has been exerting heavy pressure on international artists not to perform in Israel.

Fourteen-year-old Shelly Dvir managed to convince Irish metal band Cruachan to go ahead with its September 13 concert in Tel Aviv as planned, after the BDS movement almost made them cancel the show.

The band members wrote in a letter to the Israeli Embassy in Ireland that after being bombarded with hundreds of letters against their decision to perform in Israel, they eventually decided to arrive in the Jewish state after all thanks to the appeal from the 14-year-old fan, who told them she was looking forward to the concert.

The band members noted that it would be the first time an Irish metal band performed in Israel.

During Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, the band members were under a lot of pressure by the BDS movement to cancel the show but decided to go ahead with it after all.

"We have had a few comments and emails telling us to boycott Israel," said vocalist and guitarist Keith Fay... Read the full story...

Hamas's Academic Apologists 8/31/2014

American Thinker
Hamas's Academic Apologists
by Cinnamon Stillwell

Reaction by Middle East studies professors to Israel’s recent effort to destroy Hamas’s terrorist infrastructure epitomizes their perennial pro-Hamas, anti-Israel, and anti-American biases. In lieu of reasoned, informed, and balanced assessments, they proffer extremist rhetoric that demonizes Israel and America while ignoring Hamas’s misdeeds: rockets aimed at Israeli civilians, kidnappings and murder, disregard for ceasefires, and the cynical use of Palestinian civilians -- including children -- as human shields.

Two groups -- Middle East Scholars and Librarians and Historians Against the War -- signed letters advocating a boycott of Israeli academic institutions and accusing Israel of war crimes that demand the end to U.S... Read the full story...

Why I'm Unsubscribing to the New York Times 8/28/2014

Why I’m Unsubscribing to the New York Times

Leading Reform rabbi cites newspaper’s one-sided coverage of Gaza war
by Richard A. Block|August 28, 2014 4:25 PM|Comments: 289

I am a lifelong Democrat, a political liberal, a Reform rabbi, and for four decades, until last week, a New York Times subscriber. What drove me away was the paper’s incessant denigration of Israel, a torrent of articles, photographs, and op-ed columns that consistently present the Jewish State in the worst possible light.

This phenomenon is not new... Read the full story...

Iran's crackdown on Women...And the media's silence 8/27/2014

NOTE FROM LIBRARIANS FOR FAIRNESS: We are aware that women will no longer be studying for MLS degrees in Iran, as a result of these policies. Unlike Iran, and some Arab countries, there are plenty of women librarians, including Muslim women librarians, in Israel.

Iran’s Crackdown on Women
And the media's silence
by Majid Rafizadeh

Majid Rafizadeh, an Iranian-American political scientist and scholar, is president of the International American Council and serves on the board of the Harvard International Review at Harvard University... Read the full story...