Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs - Book List

Posted: 9/29/2006 2:53:00 PM
Author: Ashley Perry
Source: From the Hasafran Archive List

Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs - Book List
by Ashley Perry
Fri, 29 Sep 2006 10:27:20 -0700

Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs is an independent, non-profit institute for policy research and education serving Israel and the Jewish people. The center has produced hundreds of studies by leading experts dealing with a wide range of topics on the world Jewish agenda.

The JCPA releases the Jewish Political Studies Review on a bi-annual basis. The Jewish Political Studies Review is the first and only journal dedicated to Jewish People Studies, Post-Holocaust Anti-Semitism and Jewish public affairs.

The latest edition of the JPSR, Fall 2006 (Edition 18, Numbers 3 &
4), has just been released and deals with such subjects as 'Apologies for Holocaust Behavior and Refusal to do so: The Dutch Case in an International Context', 'Hatred of Jews as a Psychological Phenomenon in Palestinian Society' and 'Rescue, Expulsion and Collaboration:
Denmark's Difficulties with its World War II Past'. The JPSR also reviews twelve books that deal with Israel and the Jewish World.

Other important books that the center has released recently include:

Europe's Crumbling Myths: The Post-Holocaust Origin's of Today's Anti-Semitism
(JCPA, Yad Vashem and World Jewish Congress)
By Manfred Gerstenfeld
Foreword by Emil Fackenheim

Europe's Crumbling Myths explores how developments in post-Holocaust Europe already prefigured the adversities Israel and the Jews face there today. It shows how 'new' anti-Semitism is more a continuation and development, than an innovation. Few people realize how rampant anti-Semitism and discrimination of the Jews were in post-Holocaust
Europe, and how the legacy of that period laid the basis for today's resurgence of European anti-Semitism. When exposing the persistent anti-Semitic character of many current European attacks on Israel, examples taken from Europe's recent history must play a major role.
These developments are explored in an introductory essay and in interviews with 15 experts on the subject matter: David Bankier, Ephraim Zuroff, Yehuda Bauer, Deborah Lipstadt, Nathan Durst, Aharon Lopez, Michael Melchior, Yair Sheleg, Avi Beker, Ronald Zweig, Isaac Lipschits, Naphtali Lavie, Laurence Weinbaum, Shmuel Trigano and Irwin Cotler.

American Jewry's Challenge: Conversations Confronting the 21st Century
(Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.)
By Manfred Gerstenfeld
Foreword by Jonathan Sarna

Watershed events - including the second Palestinian uprising in 2000,
September 11, 2001, and the Iraq war - have created major challenges for American Jewry, leading to a change in its perceptions and environment. These developments are explored in an introductory essay and in interviews with 17 prominent American Jews: Norman Podhoretz, Alan Dershowitz, Gary Rosenblatt, David Harris, Malcolm Hoenlein, Stuart
Eizenstat, Abraham Foxman, Marvin Hier, Daniel Pipes, Shoshana Cardin, Rela Mintz Geffen, David Ellenson, Ismar Schorsch, Norman Lamm, Richard Joel, Carole Solomon and Mark Charendoff.
Their views provide a time-capsule as well as put order into a dynamic development by identifying key issues to watch as American Jewry and its environment evolve over the coming years.

Europe and Israel: An Expanding Abyss?
By Manfred Gerstenfeld

Israel and Europe: An Expanding Abyss? explores the complex, tense,
and historically loaded relationship between Europe and Israel. Over
the years a fissure has developed between their political views. Many
believe that it continues to widen and has become an abyss.
The introductory essay and the following interviews combine together
as a reconnaissance mission into the essence of European-Israeli
political relations. In the essay, the author illustrates how Israel and often European Jewry have been made to pay for Europe's major strategic mistakes in defense, energy, and immigration policies. These developments are explored in an introductory essay and in interviews with 15 experts: Manfred Gerstenfeld, Yehezkel Dror, Hildegard Muller, Dore Gold, Johannes Gerster, Shmuel Trigano, Robert Wistrich, Gerald Steinberg, Andrei Markovits, Jeffrey Gedmin, Avram Pazner, Freddy Eytan, Zvi Shtauber, Trevor Asserson and Mark Sofer.

The Autumn 2005 Riots in France: Their Possible Impact on Israel and the Jews

The author analyzes the 2005 disturbances in France, their origins, the reactions of French society and their impact on the country's image. The study demonstrates how in the riots the same themes appear as in the anti-Semitic outbursts that began in 2000. The attacks on the Jews were an early ndicator of minority hatred against France.
The riots and their aftermath have impacted French Jewry in several
ways and require a reassessment of Jewish community strategies.

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