New App gives Students a Palpable Sense of Anne Frank's Life

Posted: 2/12/2013 1:02:00 AM
Author: David Shear
Source: This article originally appeared in Shalom Life on January 30, 2013.

New App gives Students a Palpable Sense of Anne Frank’s Life
Interactive Features Give Readers a Unique Experience
by David Shear

For a myriad of reasons, teaching the Holocaust to anyone – especially youngsters – has never been described as a “dream job” and yet five countries and a number of American States, mandate educating youngsters about the Shoah and World War as part of school curricula.

One of the most popular – and successful – ways teachers have passed on the lessons of the Holocaust to the next generation is by teaching The Diary of Anne Frank.

And now comes word that due to a new iPad and Nook app created by the UK-based Beyond The Story, students can now do a lot more than just read about the life of Anne thanks to a new app that makes her experience much more real and palpable to all.

Teaming up with Viking Penguin, the publisher of The Diary of Anne Frank, Beyond The Story has come up with a tablet version of the book that comes complete with interactive links, videos, voice-overs and much more.

The revolutionary new app was released on January 25 - International Holocaust Remembrance Day – which also happens to be the 70th anniversary of when Anne first put pen to paper.

The app will provide readers with more than 20 video clips from Academy Award-winning documentary-maker Jon Blair, director of “Anne Frank Remembered”; 40 audio clips, including the thoughts of a woman who risked her life to help Anne and her family.

“The people at Penguin Publishing and been looking to develop an interactive app for the book, and they were very impressed by what that shows us,” said Beyond the Story CEO Jen Porter. “This is an exciting step forward for book apps, taking the reader experience to a completely new level of interaction that is a world removed from the simplistic text replication of the e-book market. Anne’s extraordinary experience is brought to life digitally in a way that she herself would never have conceived possible – and in a way will delight today’s most digitally-savvy consumer. It was such an honor to be working on this app, honoring the memory of Anne Frank. And the most amazing thing is we are working with her text, in a way she could never have imagined.”