Posted: 1/29/2015 4:05:00 PM
Author: Librarians for Fairness Research Committee

NOTE FROM LIBRARIANS FOR FAIRNESS: The ALA Council is about to consider yet another Israel-bashing resolution, to add to the ones passed in 1984, 1992, and 2002, and to one passed by the ALA's so called Social Responsibilities Round Table in 1998. No other nation in the world has been vilified by the American Library Association in the manner that Israel has been. The bottom line is that many of the librarians pushing for the demonization of Israel simply seek Israel's annihilation. We think the information below is quite relevant to what has been taking place:

1. In 1992, the ALA Council passed a resolution condemning Israel for the "deportation" of "our colleague," Omar al Safi. Al Safi was a convicted felon with a very long rap sheet of violent crimes (the NYC Israeli consulate got me a copy of that rap sheet, which I no longer have. Please note that Omar al Safi was NEVER deported by the Israelis. He was (he's dead now, killed a few years ago in a shootout with the IDF, along with several other DFLP terrorists. They were in a jeep, and armed to the teeth, when they were killed. Al Safi was a member in good standing of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP). The DFLP committed the Maalot Massacre of 23 Israeli schoolgirls. Thus, we have a major organization, the ALA, which represents a profession that largely works with schoolchildren, having supported a terrorist from a group with a demonstrated history of MURDERING children! That resolution, by the way, was never rescinded.

2, Another DFLP terrorist, Michal Schwarz, was once an honored guest at an ALA Convention.