Fire Bombing at Baltimore Hebrew University (Library) Called Arson

Posted: 8/7/2006 2:58:00 PM
Author: Anonymous
Source: Posted on the Hasafran Archive on August 6, 2006

Fire Bombing at Baltimore University (Library)Called Arson
(Originally posted on the Chronicle of Higher Education Website on August 4, 2006)

Federal and local authorities are investigating a Molotov-cocktail
attack on Wednesday that caused minor damage to an exterior door of a
library at Baltimore Hebrew University, The Sun, a Baltimore
newspaper, reported this morning. No one was injured in the incident,
which happened on Wednesday, and damage was estimated at $200. The
authorities are calling the attack a case of arson at this point
because no anti-Jewish groups have taken credit for the bombing, but
war in the Middle East and a recent shooting rampage at a Jewish
center in Seattle have made some suspect Wednesday's attack was a hate crime.
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